A beautiful morning drive to Abu Dhabi with passion and delight in our hearts. Our minds were captured with the excitement about our meeting with HE Sara Shuhail, General Director of Ewa’a Shelters for Women and Children. We welcomed at her office with due humility. We shared few insights and updates about National Treasure and also received a favorable feedback. She will be talking about #Respect during her Keynote Speech at National Treasure.  We definitely knew that this moment would be in our hearts and minds for a lifetime. Her guidance and support is what we wish for. HE Sara Shuhail lastly vouched to us, ”Knowledge Expansion, I am with you.” The meeting ended with the promise to meet her again.

Ewa’a Shelters helps in protecting victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse. Under the auspices of the UAE Red Crescent Authority, the shelters advance their efforts in defending the rights of the victims, providing them with protection and the means to regain their lives, helping them integrate in their society freely, confidently and safely. If you know someone who is a victim, call 8007283 (800SAVE)

21 JUNE 2016